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      This site was created Wednesday 24 December 1997

    Some of the Don Bluth biographical information from 'The Animated films of Don Bluth'.

    This site was created by some guy hiding from the glare of fame behind the name "The Witchsmeller Persuivant" (what was I thinking?!), to share with other fans and those wishing to find out more about Don Bluth and the various films he and his team have produced.   Use is made on this site of copyright material under various ownership - largely for film review purposes, and, where possible, the source of material is credited.   I've no wish to devalue anyone's copyright property by using their material - This whole site only exists to be a source of non-commercial information regarding the films of Don Bluth, and a small number of others. I'll never put up an aggressive or unreasonable review or description of a film - which is a better offer than you'll get from most media reviewers, who seem almost frightened to say that they like anything in case their employers think that they've gone soft!   (although if I don't personally like it I'll give my reasons)   All Copyrights are recognised, and where possible permission has been sought for the use of images and clips that are not part of my film reviews. (Some people/companies who I sought permission from have even wrote back!! :) )   However, I'm too young and wonderful to be sued, so if the copyright owner of any material wishes its removal I will immediately remove it.   (I will seek a confirmation if requested to remove by email - I know there are a lot of practical jokers out there!)


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    Some of the NIMH artwork sections of this site originally formed part of Charlie's "Fan Art" section and were moved here because of limited space on Charlie's site's original Calpoly server.

    Background graphic from a NIMH publicity picture on Charlie's page